Sweetleaf Stevia

SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweetener is America’s first zero-calorie, zero-carbohydrate, certified-paleo, non-glycemic-response sweetener. Our stevia powder is better than ever with the same quality you’ve come to expect and a new crisp taste we know you’ll enjoy. Use award-winning SweetLeaf® in place of sugars in foods and beverages for a delicious treat.

SweetLeaf® Sweet Drops® Liquid Stevia is a tasty, convenient, and calorie-free way to flavor water, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, coffee, and so much more. Available in a wide variety of delicious, award-winning flavors.

SweetLeaf® Sweet Drops® Liquid Stevia 50ml are available in a convenient, user-friendly BPA-free bottle. The sugar-free sweetness, with no artificial sweeteners and zero calories, is the ultimate companion for all your sweetening and flavoring needs.

Hydrate deliciously, without artificial sweeteners. SweetLeaf® Water Drops® are a convenient, sugar-free, and gluten-free hydration enhancer available in six fruit-flavored blends. Add to still or sparkling water to take it from boring to WOW!

SweetLeaf® now offers an organic alternative with no calories, no carbs, and no artificial ingredients. Available in 35- and 70-count packet boxes and 3.2 oz. shaker jar, the organic sweeteners are non-GMO, certified organic, and certified paleo.

Great-tasting SweetLeaf® Organic Stevia Extract is the highest quality available on the market. SweetLeaf’s® superior stevia leaves and extraction process make this extract the best value.

SweetLeaf’s® premium quality Stevia Concentrate is a dark liquid made by concentrating whole stevia leaves in water using a special cooking process, without adding artificial ingredients or chemicals.

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