New Nordic Blue Berry Strong | Eye & Vision Support Supplement | Lutein Eyebright & Bilberry | Swedish Made | 120 Tablets (Pack of 1)

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Brand: New Nordic


  • [EYE HEALTH SUPPORT] 2 daily tablets help support and maintain healthy vision and eyesight
  • [BENEFITS] Protects and strengthens vision and helps increase levels of macular pigmentation in your eyes to maintain healthy eyesight
  • [NATURALLY SOURCED] Natural lutein found in dark green leafy vegetables, bilberry (European blueberry) packed with antioxidants, eyebright, carotenoids, marigold extract and grape seed extract
  • [PURE INGREDIENTS] Vegan, non-GMO, formulated without preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors, and free from salt, gluten, yeast, soy and dairy
  • [MADE IN SWEDEN] Taking the best of traditional medicine and biological science, we source high quality, pure ingredients to create supplements that work with your body's natural systems for healthier, more sustainable results

Details: The Blue Berry Strong tablets contain European blueberry extract, eyebright extract, marigold extract and grape seed extract. These highly concentrated blueberry tablets with their high content of anthocyanins and natural lutein help maintain a healthy macular of the eye. This special blueberry species contains high levels of anthocyanins, or the deep purple pigment, which has excellent antioxidant properties and helps protect the eyes and maintain eye health. Lutein is a pigment that is naturally found in dark green leafy vegetables. Light sensing cells in the eye require this pigment to absorb light and to protect from damaging free radicals. New Nordic's herbal supplements are made in Scandinavia where people live close to nature, seeking it as a source of vitality. Our herbal experts and researchers use naturally sourced ingredients and potent plant-based extracts in our herbal supplements to help you thrive without compromising your overall health.

Package Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.5 x 2.2 inches

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