Inflatrol® Veg Tabs 60 Count

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Inflatrol® Veg Tabs 60 Count

This focused formulation has been designed to balance the body's response to injury and recovery, support immune system health, and ensure maintenance of healthy cell communication. Livamed Inflatrol with Curcumin contains clinically researched components designed to work synergistically to support and control a more natural response to the chemical and physical pro-inflammatory influences stemming from our modern diet and lifestyles. 

  • Promotes Joint Health
  • Promotes Soft Tissue Health
  • Promotes Immune System Health



  • Promotes a healthy inflammation response
  • Contains a high amount of turmeric (1060 mg per serving), standardized to contain 95% as curcuminoids--the most studied component of turmeric
  • Contains vitamin D3, shown in research to lower inflammatory markers
  • Plant enzymes bromelain and papain break down protein in damaged tissues
  • Contains specialty antioxidants such as vitamin C, green tea extract, quercetin and ginger
  • Quercetin supports the inflammation response and is uncommon in most joint health products
  • Vegetarian
  • Suggested use: Take 1-2 tablets daily

    Product Research:

    When an injury or infection occurs, the body responds by producing an inflammatory response. This response calls in help from hormones and hormone-like substances to "rev up" inflammatory markers in order to attack the infection or quell the injury. While this milieu benefits us in acute illness or injury, long term (or, chronic) inflammation is a vicious cycle producing on-going tissue and joint damage. Turmeric, quercetin, green tea extract, and other nutrients contain natural substances that interfere with inflammatory compounds. An adequate supply of antioxidants prevents further free radical damage produced during the inflammatory cascade, while bromelain and papain work as proteolytic enzymes catalyzing damaged tissue. Inflatrol™ contains plant compounds, plant enzymes and specialty antioxidants to support a healthy inflammation response.

    Additional properties of enzymes:

    Essential to the absorption of food, our bodies could not absorb nutrients from food without the help from various enzymes in our digestive tract. Enzyme production begins in the mouth and follows through the entire digestive tract. The body reacts to the smell and the presence of food to increase enzymatic production and break down larger food molecules into usable building blocks and nutrients.


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