Attend By Vaxa - 60 Capsules (Pack of 2)

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AttendLithium Carbonicum 9C, 12C, 30C HPUS

Reduces tension from external stimulations. Helps alleviate "brain fog."

Reduces symptoms of depression and oversensitivity to all sorts of influences. Enhances the nutritive functioning of the body by creating a detoxificational effect on the cells.

Helps to alleviate ticks and improve control of the nerves.

Alleviates feelings of inferiority, fear, and nervousness. Lessens impulsivities and melancholy. Improves a weak memory as well as errors in perceptions.

Clears the mind and permits focus. Normalizes energy levels especially in those prone to extremes.

Reduces impulsivities and alleviates paranoia and feelings of depression. Reduces muscles twitching and spasms.

Calms the nervous mind and body. The fidgety and restlessness felt by ADHD individuals is also helped. Improves memory.

Reduces feelings of melancholy. Assists with memory and recollection.

Aids with depression. Calms the nerves and reduces symptoms associated with nervous conditions i.e. nausea, diarrhea, headaches.

Relieves Hyperesthesia (a condition that involves an abnormal increase in sensitivity to stimuli of the senses). Calms the mind of those who are over-active or nervous.

Has a direct effect on stimulating or controlling functions of the organs.

Improves focus and concentration. Relieves nervous exhaustion and associated symptoms.

Alleviates destructive impulses. Used to treat those who are "must keep in constant motion;" Calms the "busy body."

Calms the hysterical, over-sensitive, o

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