ATTITUDE Hypoallergenic Disposable Baby Diapers, Mini Size 1 + 2, 36 Count

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  • CERTIFIED DIAPERS: We use is FSC-certified (sustainable resource management—responsible forestry) cellulose that is oxygen bleached, meaning our diapers are 100% Chlorine-free.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC & DERMATOLOGICALLY-TESTED: Our hypoallergenic diapers are free of fragrances, dyes, prints and lotions that could irritate your baby's skin and which contain potentially harmful carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.
  • NATURAL, BIODEGRADABLE: The diaper’s exterior and interior linings are composed of biodegradable polymer, as well as a cellulose (biodegradable wood pulp) absorbent layer.
  • LEAK-FREE: To minimize leakage, the diaper’s shape, wings and elastic openings hug the baby’s body to adapt to its shape. The composition of the absorbent layer is also designed so that it is denser in the areas most prone to leakage.
  • MOISTURE-CONTROL: Our diapers effectively protect your baby’s skin thanks to an optimized SAP/wood pulp ratio in the absorbent layer.
  • FAST & EFFICIENT ABSORPTION: Performance tests were conducted in laboratory. The reported tests demonstrated the effectiveness of the diaper’s absorbent layer.
  • MINIMAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: We manufacture our products using processes that minimize energy consumption, and compensate for our greenhouse gas emissions by planting trees.

Details: Eco-Friendly Diapers - Biodegradable inner shell and padding. - Vegetable-based materials from renewable resources. - CO2 Neutral: we reduce and compensate our emissions. - Hypoallergenic: fragrance-free / chlorine-free. 1 + 2 Mini 3-7 kg 6-15 lbs 36 Nappies Washable nappies are fantastic. But life being life, it's not always possible to use them. That's why ATTITUDE Eco-Friendly Nappies are there. A true ecological alternative to traditional disposable nappies, they are as effective, absorbent and comfortable. Made from renewable and compostable materials, they are also carbon neutral, which make ATTITUDE nappies the greenest disposables in the world! Do it for our planet's future, do it for your baby's future. - Prepare and Use: Important: To avoid risk of suffocation, keep plastic bags away from babies and children. Caution: Choking may result from anything babies put in their mouths. To avoid risk of choking, do not allow baby to tear the diaper. Discard any torn or unsealable diap

Package Dimensions: 14.3 x 7.6 x 4.2 inches

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