ATTITUDE Natural Baby Bubble Wash for Sensitive Skin, EWG Verified, Non-Toxic Hypoallergenic Gentle Eco-Friendly Formula, Pear Nectar 16 Fl Oz

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  • THE PERFECT BUBBLE BATH FOR BABY, NEWBORN & INFANT: Bathe your baby in bubbles of love with our 2 in 1 formula bubble bath + body wash. Made with plant-based ingredients like blueberry leaf & enlivening pear nectar to gently cleanse while nourishing and protecting your baby's delicate skin
  • EWG SAFE FORMULA: Winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) seal of approval, our baby bubble wash is EWG Verified meaning it is free of ingredients of concern like phenoxyethanol, dyes, parabens, SLS, SLES, BHA, BHT, Phtalates and Triclosan
  • PERFECT FOR BABY SENSITIVE SKIN: Dermatologist-tested with a composition that minimizes the risk of allergy reactions, our baby bath wash is hypoallergenic meaning it is ultra-gentle and safe to use on babies with sensitive skin
  • GENTLE PEAR NECTAR SCENT: Lightly scented with enlivening pear nectar that won't be overpowering
  • ATTITUDE MISSION: We are a Canadian brand that designs clean and safe products for the whole family. Our baby leaves collection is specially formulated for babies delicate needs, we have selected safe EWG VERIFIED ingredients to gently cleanse & nourish their delicate skin

Details: Ever wondered why fingers and toes get wrinkly in the bath? It helps us grip things better — like rubber duckies! All the more reasons to make your little ones spend extra time lingering in the bath with ATTITUDE’s baby leaves™ foamy Natural Bubble Wash - Pear Nectar. It works as both a baby wash and a bubble bath, which means you can use it to wash baby, but also pour it in the bath to create that cloud of bubble kids like so much. Lightly scented with enlivening pear nectar, our natural bubble wash is EWG VERIFIED™ and gentle on your child’s skin. It is carefully crafted with hypoallergenic, natural and protective ingredients like blueberry leaf to keep them cozy, clean and curious! Like all our products, this Natural Bubble Wash for baby is free of cancer-causing chemicals, because we never want to burst your bubble!

Package Dimensions: 7.4 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches

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