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Aura Cacia Essential Oil, Peppermint, 0.5 Ounce

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Aura Cacia began in 1982, it has been a leader in aromatherapy sales and quality -- as well as a key source of expert information that has fueled the widespread awareness of aromatherapy that we see today. A key to Aura Cacia's leadership is sourcing pure, authentic essential oils -- dealing face-to-face with the people growing the plants and extracting the essential oil whenever we can. We also test every oil we receive to make sure it meets our high standards. Whenever possible, we offer oils that are certified organic as well.

  • Peppermint essential oil can be used in many ways to uplift and invigorate
  • Has a menthol, herbal aroma
  • Great for body oils, massage oils, perfumes, room mists, diffusions, meditation roll-ons and mists, yoga mists
  • Sourced from Somalia and extracted via steam distillation of the gum resin, then rigorously tested for authenticity
  • A portion of each Aura Cacia purchase supports the Positive Change Project

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