Baudelaire Exfoliating Soap, Sea Loofa Bath Soap & Body Soap, Natural Soap, Triple Milled with 100% Natural Fragrance, 2% Seaweed and Sustainable Palm Oil - 5 oz (COMES IN 6 PIECE BOX!)

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Brand: Baudelaire


  • REVIVE YOUR SKIN with our enriching Sea Loofa Soap. Exfoliating seaweed powder and hydrating palm oil help remove dry, dead skin cells and moisturizes healthy skin to leave you silky soft and smooth.
  • TRIPLE-MILLED through stainless steel rollers to create a fully-blended bar, Sea Loofa Soap produces a rich, creamy lather. Infused with 100% natural fragrance, its’ scent is uplifting and refreshing.
  • ANTIOXIDANT-RICH seaweed promotes collagen production to prevent fine lines and uneven skin tone, while refatting agents in palm oil help restore natural oils that shampoo and cleansers strip away.
  • PAMPER YOURSELF with the same luxury soaps used by fine cruise lines. Baudelaire Sea Loofa Bar Soaps are individually wrapped, making them ideal for home use, boutique hotels and vacation rentals.
  • MADE IN THE USA with seaweed from the coast of Brittany, France, these simple yet elegant soaps have their roots in time honored traditions of craftsmanship, tradition and contemporary innovation.

Details: We've raised soap-making to an art form What goes into a bar of soap goes onto the skin. Baudelaire has brought together the finest natural ingredients and time-tested triple-milling processes to create fully-blended bars of goodness with a rich, creamy lather. Our exclusive blend of emollient-rich palm oil, seaweed powder and 100% natural fragrance cleanses and restores dull skin and leaves you looking and feeling radiant and revitalized. This is your secret to ageless beauty Sea Loofa Soap uses naturally exfoliating seaweed powder to remove dead skin cells and reveal the fresh healthy skin underneath. By removing leftover dirt and makeup and then hydrating and moisturizing your skin, this natural soap helps combat tell-tale signs of aging. Antioxidants repair damaged cells and promote collagen production to diminish fine lines and discoloration. The result is a softer and more youthful looking appearance you crave. Bathe in the lap of luxury Baudelaire Sea Loofa Soap is proudly made in the USA, using seaweed from the coast of Brittany. Our soaps never contain animal fat. All bars are individually wrapped and labeled. They are a thoughtful way to pamper those you love when given as a housewarming or birthday gift. This 6-bar pack is also perfect for use in vacation rental properties and boutique hotels. Offered everywhere from 5-star resorts to Seabourn cruise ships, Baudelaire Soaps let you treat guests to the same elegant toiletries that they would expect at a luxury resort. Transform your shower or tub into a sea water spa. Add Baudelaire Sea Loofa Soap Bar 6-Pack to your cart today.

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 4.5 x 2.3 inches

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