BIOFORCE Secure Dental Cream Adhesive, 1.4 Oz

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Bioforce of America Secure Denture Bonding Cream acts as a real adhesive and creates a secure, strong, bond between the dentures and the gums. The non-water-soluble properties of Secure are not affected by any liquids or saliva. Only one application is required per day to maintain total retention and ensure complete confidence. Secure Denture Bonding Cream has a patented non-water-soluble technology that eliminates any slipping or sliding. This technology ensures that Secure will not dissolve in water, so it will not wash out while eating or drinking. This technology also makes Secure the healthy denture adhesive. Because it does not dissolve in water, you won't swallow any adhesive particles and the adhesive won't leak into your stomach. Nor will it alter the flavor of your food.

  • This product is delicious and healthy

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