BodyBio - E-Lyte, Liquid Electrolyte - Sodium, Magnesium & Potassium for Rapid Natural Hydration - No Sugar or Additives - Keto Friendly Electrolyte for Rapid Dehydration Recovery - 16oz

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Brand: BodyBio


  • Highest Electrolyte Concentrate: E-Lyte is the highest electrolyte concentration available, in the ratio 16:1. It is formulated with the three ingredients you need to bring electrolytes back to the perfect pH balance - Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium.
  • Supports Muscle Recovery: E-Lyte replaces electrolytes lost due to dehydration, exercise, illness, pregnancy, etc. Electrolytes reduces heat stress, cramping, nausea and fatigue. It supports energy, muscle recovery, and healthy immune system function*.
  • Hydrate Body Naturally: Everyone can benefit from E-Lyte. It is ideal for everyday athletes, pregnant women, or anyone looking to reduce painful cramps and stay energized all day—without all the unnecessary ingredients. Even relieves Keto Flu.
  • All Natural & Keto Friendly: No additives, sugars, sweeteners, or flavors. Most electrolyte concentrates contain levels of sodium and sugar that are way too high for daily use. E-Lyte is formulated with more potassium, less sodium, and no sugar to mimic human blood and give the body exactly what it needs.
  • NSF Certified: Proper Hydration is a Science, BodyBio is an NSF Certified Manufacturing Facility. Scientifically dedicated since 1995, BodyBio products are RESEARCH BACKED & QUALITY DRIVEN

Details: E-Lyte Balanced Electrolyte Concentrate stabilizes and replenishes the body’s electrolyte supply, effectively stopping cramps, boosting energy, and reducing the effects of fatigue and dehydration. With a 16 to 1 ratio, E-Lyte contains the highest electrolyte concentration available. Each bottle of E-Lyte will supply 40 convenient servings and zero calories.

Package Dimensions: 7.4 x 3.2 x 2.4 inches

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