Concentrated Mineral Rich Skin Boosting Serum with Lutein & Green Algae Extract to Shield Against Blue Light & Defend Against Environmental Aggressors While Neutralizing the Look of Photo Aging

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Brand: DERMA-E


  • MINERAL RICH SERUM delivers skin-boosting moisture to defend against environmental elements.
  • CONTAINS LUTEIN to protect your skin from excessive exposure to blue light reducing photo-aging.
  • ABUNDANT in ANTIOXIDANTS to soften and deeply moisturize your face reviving your skins appearance.
  • POWERFUL ACTIVATED CHARCOAL helps purify while Ginseng Root re-energizes and brightens your skin.
  • PURIFY DETOX & HYDRATE with our advanced anti wrinkle moisturizer for your neck & face day or night.

Details: DERMA-E's Blue Light Shield Serum is a concentrated mineral-rich lotion that delivers skin-boosting moisture to defend against environmental aggressors while neutralizing the look of photo-aging, reviving skin's appearance. Nourishing Blue Green Algae Extract, rich in antioxidants, softens and deeply moisturizes skin while antioxidant-rich Lutein helps provide a shield from blue light. Powerful Activated Charcoal helps purify while Ginseng Root re-energizes and brightens. Give yourself a digital detox. Give yourself beautiful-looking skin. WHAT MAKES OUR BLUE LIGHT SHIELD SERUM INGREDIENTS DIFFERENT? LUTEINLutein is an important carotenoids (pigments that protect plants) that serves several roles in nature to protect and nourish plants. Carotenoids assist plants in absorbing energy from light but they also protect leaves from photodamage. DERMA-E's Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum has harvested the power of this carotenoid, bringing it's powerful ability to protect against harmful blue light to your daily skin care regime. BLUE GREEN ALGAEBlue-Green Algae is incredibly rich in proteins, fatty acids, beta-carotene, iron and arginine to help build muscle tone as well as lift, tighten and tone your skin. This microscopic wonder of nature also provides moisturization and purifying hydration to minimize wrinkles and fine lines. ACTIVATED CHARCOALActivated Charcoal is an incredibly powerful cleaning agent used to remove toxins and dirt from your skin, and balance oily skin. It has also been shown to assist in healing minor cuts and skin irritations. GINSENG ROOT EXTRACTGinseng has a reputation for revitalizing your skin, while also providing powerful anti-aging properties. Did you know, Ginseng is also fantastic for dry skin? It's true, Ginseng, helps counteract dryness, helps with oily skin and like activated charcoal, also helps with skin sensitivity and balance oils.

Package Dimensions: 5.9 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches

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