Country Life Realfood Organics Men's Daily Nutrition - 120 Tablets - Easy to Swallow - Wholefood Multi-Vitamin

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Brand: Country Life


  • REALFOOD ORGANICS - Daily Nutrition is made from 40 USDA organic fruits, vegetables, grains, sprouts, and legumes and other organic foods. Our label contains many foods with which you are familar (and hopefully love)!
  • 2 EASY TO SWALLOW TABLETS - You get the ORAC equivalent of 4 servings of fruits and vegetables. Crumble our soft tablets in your hands (our tablets snap like that of good green beans), and you'll understand how much care went into creating this multivitamin
  • FERMENTED WHOLE FOOD - The fermentation process is also, why, upon opening the bottle, it may smell like just picked produce. Fermentation is nature's way of preserving foods that helps to retain the highest nutrient values.
  • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC - Realfood Organics multivitamin line is made from fermented whole foods with 2-4 servings of fruits and vegetables. On every bottle, you will see our Pledge of Integrity because at Country Life, Integrity is our number one ingredient.
  • AUTHENTICITY OF INGREDIENTS - We always use a pure form of each ingredient and all our ingredients are laboratory tested to ensure accurate identification so you can be assured we use real, authentic ingredients.

Details: Men's daily nutrition, which is a high-energy multi for men, was uniquely formulated using the cryo-active state process. this process, unique to country life, uses organic fruits and vegetables, combined with a nutrient-rich complex to deliver your daily nutrition. to preserve 100% of the bioactive vitamin, mineral, enzyme, and phytonutrient content, the cryo-active state process combines a proprietary fermentation method followed by a unique cryogenic preservation. this multi supplies basic daily nutrition the way nature intended it to be: "alive." the proprietary fermentation and cryo-preserving process enhances absorption and elevates bioactivity using live probiotic cultures.

Package Dimensions: 6.6 x 3.0 x 2.8 inches

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