Emerita Dim Formula with Calcium D Glucarate Emerita Veg Capsules, 60 Count

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Brand: Emerita

Color: White


  • Dim formula with calcium d-glucarate by emerita 60 veg cap dim formula with calcium d
  • High quality product
  • Manufactured in united states
  • This supplement is formulated to provide nutritive support for hormonal balance

Publisher: Everready First Aid

Release Date: 19-04-2016


From the makers of the renowned Emerita Pro-Gest Balancing Cream – one of the most trusted Progesterone Creams for women at midlife – we are pleased to offer our DIM Formula with Calcium D-Glucarate in vegetarian capsules. Made with the same goal as our popular Creams, this supplement is formulated to provide nutritive support for optimal balance.
Naturally found in vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and kale, DIM with Calcium D-Glucarate is a great way to get more cruciferous vegetable compounds into your daily diet. DIM is a phytonutrient that research suggests helps support healthy estrogen and metabolism. Studies suggest Calcium D-Glucarate may be useful in supporting detoxification in the body. The Broccoli Seed Extract we use in our formula is guaranteed to contain 5 mg [10%] Sulforaphane, which has numerous reputed balance support benefits as well. Unlike other brands which offer DIM-only or Calcium D-Glucarate-only supplements, we combine both DIM (100 mg) and Calcium D-Glucarate (500 mg), plus Broccoli Seed Extract (50 mg) in a compact, two-capsule serving, making it a highly advanced, superior formula for women’s midlife balance.
Our DIM Formula with Calcium D-Glucarate is completely soy free and comes in 100% vegetarian capsules that are packed with vital nutrients. With 100mg of (DIM) and 500mg of Calcium D-Glucarate per serving, we spare no expense when it comes to the purity and potency of our products.
Emerita (e-MER-ita) has been a women’s natural health leader since 1978. Our brand mission is “improving the health and lives of women”—a cause that makes us excited to come to work every day. In the 1990s, our flagship progesterone cream product, Pro-Gest Balancing Cream, was introduced at natural food stores, launching a whole category of natural wellness products for mature women.
Let us help improve your life with our DIM Formula with Calcium D-Glucarate Veg Capsules – order yours today!

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