Enzymedica, DairyAssist, Enzyme Support for Digestive Relief From Lactose Intolerance, 30 Capsules

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Brand: Enzymedica


  • Dairy digestion: Potent, fast-acting enzymes to support individuals who have trouble digesting dairy
  • Digestive relief: Reduces symptoms of dairy intolerance such as occasional bloating and gas
  • Dual approach: Unlike leading competitors, Dairy Assist promotes digestion of dairy sugars (lactose) as well as dairy protein (casein)
  • Thera-blend digestive enzyme support: Our Thera-blend enzymes are formulated for optimal activity in the digestive system (and all the pH levels found within), for better digestion every time
  • Purity promise: Vegan and Kosher; contains no gluten, milk, casein, soy, egg, artificial colors, flavors, or GMOs

Details: When our bodies have difficulty digesting dairy, the root cause may come from a lack of lactase enzymes, a lactose-digesting enzyme that works in our gut. Enzymes, such as lactase, are very specific to certain kinds of foods – lactose is predominantly found in dairy products and is broken down by lactate. When it comes to dairy digestion, the more lactase we have, the better our digestion can be. Lactose, which is a dairy sugar, isn't the only challenge. Many individuals who struggle with dairy actually have an intolerance to casein, a protein found in dairy. That's why Dairy Assist also contains protein digesting enzymes to address intolerance to not only lactose but also to help break down casein. If you haven't had success with other lactase-only formulas, casein may be your biggest challenge.

Package Dimensions: 4.9 x 4.1 x 2.0 inches

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