Gaia Herbs Wormwood Black Walnut Supreme, 1-Ounce Bottle (Pack of 2)

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Gaia Herbs Wormwood Black Walnut Supreme Liquid Herbal Extract. Wormwood Black Walnut contains fresh black walnut hulls. It supports healthy intestinal environment. Also, supports the GI tract and promotes healthy intestinal flora. The wormwood shrub grows wild in Europe, North Africa, and western Asia. It is now cultivated in North America as well. The leaves and flowers, and the oil obtained from them, are all used in herbal medicine. As a traditional medicine, wormwood was used by herbalists as a bitter to improve digestion, to fight worm infestations, and to stimulate menstruation. It was also regarded as a useful remedy for liver and gallbladder problems.

  • Supports healthy intestinal environment
  • Supports the gi tract and promotes healthy intestinal flora
  • Contains fresh black walnut hulls
  • Cultivated in accordance with nature's intent

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