Greens Plus Organics Super-Food Raw | Non GMO | Dietary Supplement Greens Powder - 8.46 oz

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GREENS PLUS ORGANIC SUPER FOOD RAW is a Certified Organic Blend of Raw Green Foods, Superfruits, Sea Vegatables, and Probiotic Cultures. Greens Plus Organic Superfood Raw is Purely Vegan, and always Soy, Gluten, & Dairy-free. Our Green Food: Blend is Considered Super Food because it Contain a High Amount of Antioxidants. Plenty of Vitamin A, C & E can be found in most Green Foods, in addition to other Important Nutrients such as Zinc, Antioxidants are Important in Supporting the Body. WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENT Our Whole Food Greens Supplement Provides Naturally Occurring Antioxidants, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Essential Fatty Acids, and Dozens other Phytonutrients. VEGAN DIETARY SUPPLEMENT This Superfood Powder is Vegan, Dairy Free, with No Added Sugars or Herbs, and No Synthetic Chemicals. IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT This superfood Supplement Supports Healthy Digestion, Detoxification, a Healthy Immune System, and already Healthy Blood Sugar Levels and Metabolism.
Higher energy levels
Body detoxification
Immune function
Healthy aging

All Greens Plus Organic Superfood powders are Non-GMO.


  • USA
  • Bone building minerals
  • Higher energy levels
  • Body detoxification
  • Healthy aging

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