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Historical Remedies Homeopathic Moon Drops, 30 Lozenges (Pack of 12)

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Since 1989, historical remedies is steward to a gold-standard collection of homeopathic single-ingredient remedies, and parent to innovative homeopathic formulation lozenges aimed at physical healing and emotional wellbeing. Our products are intended to encourage awareness of everyday experiences, situations and stressors that make the body vulnerable to life's wears and tears. Homeopathy provides safe and efficacious relief for acute symptoms as well as speeding up healing during pre-symptomatic stages.

  • Promote a restful sleep by responding to the complexities of sleeplessness
  • Helps quiet persistent thoughts, eases emotional stress, tones digestion, lessens sensitivity to noise and light, and soothe over-stimulated nerves
  • Help you adapt to changes in sleep schedules due to travel or when going through life transitions
  • Natural sleep aid is non-habit forming and has no side effects
  • Vanilla flavored; vegan and gluten free

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