Natracare Organic Cotton Intimate Wipes, 12 Count (Pack of 24)

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Soft and strong certified organic 100% cotton wipes are designed for women to use as part of their daily intimate hygiene, especially during menstruation and as an extra convenience when travelling. Alcohol, paraben and totally chlorine free (TCF) they contain no synthetic preservatives or SLS. Infused with organic rose, calendula and chamomile essential oils. Approved by The Vegetarian Society. Natracare Organic Cotton Intimate Wipes are designed to help maintain intimate female hygiene. They are suitable for eveyrday use and are made from 100% organic cotton. They cleanse, soothe and soften the area.

  • Twenty four 12-count packs
  • Designed for women as their daily intimate hygiene
  • Made of certified organic cotton and infused with certified organic essential oil
  • Free from alcohol, detergents, such as sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, and SHG
  • Ingredients are derived from natural, renewable and sustainable resources and are biodegradable

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