Natren Healthy Trinity Dairy Free Capsules, 30-Count

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Natren Healthy Trinity Dairy Free 30 Capsules Healthy Trinity provides 30 billion colony forming units (cfu) of effective beneficial bacteria per capsule to enhance digestion, improve nutrient absorption, stimulate proper elimination and maximize your immune function. The guaranteed potency and benefits of Natren's super strains are not available from any other probiotic in the world. Only Natren uses a unique oil matrix system that micro-enrobes three super strains of beneficial bacteria, keeping them separated, noncompetitive and protected from the stomach's gastric juices. Healthy Trinity works to support your entire gastrointestinal (GI) system: Discourages attachment of undesirable bacteria in the GI tract. Produces hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which research has proven will inhibit yeast and bacteria. Helps alleviate occasional gas, bloating and upper GI problems. Produces organic acids that promote normal elimination. Enhances digestion of dairy products by assisting lactose metabolism. Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels. Assists digestion of complex carbohydrates and proteins. Produces B vitamins and enhances absorption of calcium and other minerals. Potency guaranteed through printed expiration date. Researched, formulated and manufactured only by Natren

  • Supports proper digestion
  • Help supports immune function
  • Encourages regularity through natural colon cleansing

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