NOW Sports Fit & Tone Protein Berry Flavor Powder,1.8-Pound

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Fit & Tone is a protein supplement that has been formulated to help you sculpt the body you always wanted. Each serving of Fit & Tone provides 25 g high-quality, satisfying Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), which can help you to manage your appetite and attain your optimal body composition when used along with a healthy diet and exercise program. To further assist you in your weight management efforts and help you maintain healthy glucose metabolism, Fit & Tone includes the clinically tested ingredients Super CitriMax and ChromeMate. Chlorogenic Acid from Green Coffee Bean Extract complements these three ingredients by further supporting healthy glucose metabolism. Green Tea Extract rounds out this product by promoting the use of fat for energy production.

  • Each serving provides 25 g of satisfying whey protein isolate, to help manage your appetite
  • Helps assist you in your weight management efforts and helps you maintain healthy glucose metabolism
  • Contains green tea extract to help promote the use of fat for energy production

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