Organic Skull Cap Tea - Kosher, Caffeine Free, GMO-Free - 18 Bleach Tea Bags

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Brand: Buddha Teas


  • SOOTHING FLAVOR – This Skullcap Tea is made from the leaves and flowers of this enchanting herb, part of the mint family, and offers a light, pleasant fragrance and taste, a perfect choice for settling down with at the end of a long day.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS – Skullcap Tea provides sleep and stress support, as well as offering nutrients such as: vitamins, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, thiamin and niacin, and also offers minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and manganese.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT – If you are looking for something to give to a fellow tea drinker, herbal teas are a unique & delightful choice. Skullcap Tea is an and uncommon herbal brew lovely for those seeking new ways to relax.
  • STEEPING INSTRUCTIONS – To enjoy a delicious cup of Skullcap Tea, use 1 bleach-free tea bag per cup of water heated to about 205°. Cover and steep for 3-6 minutes. Remove tea bag and enjoy!
  • BUDDHA TEAS – Crafted without additives, using only organic or wild-harvested ingredients, we believe in living harmoniously with nature, not using it for profit. Our boxes are from 100% recycled material, making our teas good for the earth and you!

Details: One of the most important benefits of skullcap includes its ability to reduce anxiety. By stimulating the release of endorphins, and generally balancing your mood, skullcap soothes the nervous system, lowers inflammation, and helps regulate sleep. This delightfully smooth, malty tasting tea provides those seeking a relaxing cup the perfect option for sipping—day, or night. Known by the botanical name Scutellaria, skullcap is a member of the mint family. Its refreshing and cool flavor is sure to impress. To make a soothing cup of Skullcap Tea, bring one cup of fresh water to a boil. Cover and steep for 3 to 6 minutes, then remove the teabag and enjoy! At Buddha Teas, we start with a philosophy of living in harmony with nature, not using it for profit, which is why our teas are crafted without artificial or natural flavorings, using only fresh organic or sustainability wild-harvested ingredients. Our eco-friendly boxes are even made from 100% recycled material, making our teas as kind to the environment as they are to you.

Package Dimensions: 4.2 x 3.6 x 3.3 inches

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