PGX Daily Singles Diet Supplement, 2.5 g, 30 Count

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PGX Daily Singles contain unflavored PGX granules that can be mixed easily with moist foods or in water or juices. PGX Daily helps with weight management by helping you to feel satisfied sooner and thus eat less. Simply sprinkle on cereal, soups, yogurt, or salads, or "just add water" fora convenient way to control appetite. PGX Daily does not affect the flavor of your food. PGX granules support blood sugar balance already in the normal range and give you a feeling of fullness that lasts for hours.* PGX goes beyond fiber. It is highly concentrated and works by absorbing water to provide a feeling of satisfaction that curbs appetite and cravings.* PGX requires additional water to provide its full range of benefits. Always drink plenty of water when using any PGX product.

  • Supports healthy weight loss* when used properly as part of The PGX Program
  • Convenient single-serve packets
  • Unflavored, unsweetened PGX granules
  • Part of the PGX Daily line that also features PGX Daily Ultra Matrix Softgels 750 mg
  • PGX Daily Ultra Matrix 750 mg softgels offer a convenient way to take PGX before or with each meal

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