Planetary Herbals: Bupleurum Liver Cleanse 545 mg 300 Tablet

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Brand: Planetary Herbals


  • Bupleurum is the most widely used herbal detoxifier in Chinese herbalism.
  • Supporting bupleurum’s antioxidant powers is milk thistle seed extract (yielding 80 mg silymarin), one of the most well researched herbal substances in Germany.
  • Wild yam supports the liver’s cleansing powers, alleviating some of the stress to this vital organ.
  • Additional liver-supportive herbs include lycii fruit, cyperus rhizome, peony root, fennel fruit, ginger root, and Chinese skullcap root.
  • The quality of this formulation, together with the care that goes into its preparation, boosts your liver’s abilities to eliminate toxins.

Details: Bupleurum Liver Cleanse is a unique herbal formula that unites the healing traditions of three cultures to provide a comprehensive and well-balanced program for deep internal cleansing. It helps the overburdened liver by “dredging” it of old, stored-up waste matter, and strengthening it with nourishing herbs.

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