RidgeCrest Kidneyaid, Herbal Cleanse and Support Capsules, 60-Count

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KidneyAid is a unique herbal formula to help support kidney health:
Support kidney function*
Balance electrolytes*
Promote healthy urine flow*

Ridgecrest Herbals’ KidneyAid can help your body manage the hard work of the red-headed stepchild that is the human kidney (everyone knows the colon gets more attention).

Using a unique formulation of herbs with well-known historical efficacy in cultures across the world, KidneyAid provides invigorating support for the kidneys’ critical role of keeping the blood clean, supporting overall health throughout the body. Take that, colon.

  • A unique herbal formula designed to help maintain healthy kidneys.
  • Supports proper circulation to the kidneys.
  • Best option for kidney function.

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