Solaray SuperBioVitaminC,Buffered,TwoStageTimed-Release 360ct VegCap

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Brand: Solaray


  • Formulated using two-stage, timed-release technology
  • Fast-Acting First Stage and Timed-Release Second Stage
  • Contains Magnesium and Calcium Carbonate Oxide to buffer the natural acidity of Vitamin C
  • Suitable to vegans
  • Take two capsules daily with food or water

Publisher: Chiropractors Buying Group

Release Date: 04-06-2018


”I've been taking this product for 2 years now, and won't be switching anytime soon.” “These buffered capsules really do the trick.”

In 1973, Solaray began to formulate herbal blends for specific health benefits. Over the years, Solaray pioneered many innovative products and became a trusted full-line dietary supplement brand found in health and natural food stores all around the world. True to our commitment to stay leading edge in powerful supplementation, we are proud to offer our Two-Stage, Timed-Release Super Bio Buffered Vitamin C!

Considered one of the most effective supplements you can take, your body needs Vitamin C to produce a powerful antioxidant, glutathione. Vitamin C is also essential for collagen and connective tissue formation, helping to support better skin, bone, and joint health. While you can find Vitamin C in many fruits and vegetables, Vitamin C content can become depleted through certain cooking or storage methods. Supplementation may help achieve optimal levels.

Unlike other Vitamin C supplements, our innovative formula includes timed-release technology designed to release half of the Vitamin C rapidly and the other half gradually over the next 12 hours*. Taken twice daily, our Vitamin C supplement is formulated to provide all-day support. Additionally, our formula includes a combination of bioflavonoids for enhanced bioavailability as well as Magnesium and Calcium for more gentle digestion.

Solaray’s strict and unwavering adherence to lab testing and industry-leading manufacturing practices ensure that every product is guaranteed for identity, potency and purity – and a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee means you get what you expect or your money back. Our quality is a difference that you can feel.

Feel the difference of our Buffered Vitamin C formula and order a bottle today!

*Based on in-vitro dissolution tests designed to simulate the digestive process. Individual results may vary.

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Package Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.5 x 3.4 inches

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