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Terry Naturally Europharma Healthy Knees and Joints - 60 Capsules

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Safely and naturally provides a sustained level of energy, and contributes to improved mental, physical, and sexual health and well-being. In a product use study, participants with average to low levels of daily energy reported a 111% improvement. Their scores more than doubled after two weeks of use, though most participants reported increased energy after the first day of use.

  • The ingredients in Healthy Knees & Joints provide strong support for the comfortof weight bearing joints, especially our hips and knees—and help support their structure as well. For you, that means even more support for your active life!*
  • Vitamin D3 helps support bone and cartilage structure—critical for healthy, strong joints.*
  • Fructoborate is a unique form of boron that provides targeted support to joint structure. In clinical research, it supported joint flexibility and significantly boosted Vitamin D3 absorption.*

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