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Twinings Classic English Afternoon Tea, 20 Count

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Since 1706, Twinings of London has been masterfully blending teas to create a special moment with each cup of English Afternoon tea you brew. First started as a much needed refreshment between lunch and dinner, afternoon tea is now an important fixture of British life. Twinings English Afternoon Tea is bright in color with a brisk and refreshing flavor of smokiness and earthiness combined with elements of sweetness. Perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up or whenever you need a little revitalizing, this tea is best served with milk and sweetener to bring out the optimal flavor. The box comes packed with 20, standard sized tea bags, so you can brew your tea by the cup, or by the pot without any hassle.

20 bags

  • Robust, black tea
  • Expertly blended to create a perfect cup every time
  • Great for no-hassle brewing of one cup or a whole pot


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